2017-2018 Fall Schedule!!

New Building!!

We are THRILLED to announce that we will be moving to a NEW location for our 2017-2018 Season while our brand new PERMANENT building is being built!!

Our Temporary Home is a short 4 minutes away!! Our new location is  at 2296 N Yellowstone Hwy
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401!!

We will be having a Open House at our new location on September 4th from 6:00-8:00pm!! Look for details after the Summer Recital!!

Best Dance Studio In Idaho Falls!!

Eagle Rock Dance would like to thank our community for voting us the number one dance studio in Idaho Falls!!

Updated Summer Schedule!!

2017-2018 Team Auditions!!

Summer Camps!!

Summer 2017 Schedule

Please Vote!!

Thank you for your nominations for Best Dance Studio of the Year!! Voting has opened, and we would love your vote!! You can vote once a day until May 20th, just follow the link!! Thank you!!

2016-2017 Competition Schedule!!

Snow Day

District 93 and 91 have canceled school for tomorrow. For the safety of our dancers and their families, as per our registration form we will cancel classes as well. There will be no classes held Thursday, January 5th.

Shoe/Tights List 2016-2017

Shoe and Tights List!!
Here is the list of shoes for our season. Some notes...
Check with your schedule or your dancer to ensure that you order the correct pair of hip-hop shoes. Also, order the hip-hop shoes ASAP. They were on major backorder last year and took ages for some to come in.
SPECIFIC tap shoes are only required for Tap Insanity.
On the Dynamite work boots there may be a problem with some of the littles tiny feet. If you are unable to find that specific brand small enough, any tan work boot that looks similar will work great.
Feel free to get shoes any way that works best for you. Some of you like to order from All That Dancewear on Lincoln Road. Some like Amazon. You can also find these shoes at the Designs for Dance website.
If you have any questions, please let me know!

2016-2017 Fall Schedule!!

Princess Dance Camp

2016 Summer Schedule

2016-2017 Competitive Teams!!

Updated Summer Schedule!!

Audition Update

Fabulous job to all of the dancers who auditioned today!! There are NO callbacks tomorrow!! Results will be posted on May 31st along with summer class placements. The parent meeting will be May 31st at 6:00pm. Thank you to everyone who auditoned...we are incredibly excited for our upcoming season!!

Important Recital Information

Hello ladies, gentlemen, and dancers!  The following information is regarding recital AT THE COLONIAL THEATRE this coming Monday, May 23.  Solos, duets, and trios start at 5:30 PM.  Teams and selected numbers begin at 7 PM.  ARRIVE IN PLENTY OF TIME TO PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS.  Dancers get in free with their costume.  Kids 3 and under are free.

1.  Please arrive between 6:30 and 6:45 in order to locate your dressing area backstage.  Look for signs labeled with your team and your name within that team to find your own personal space.  Be quiet upon arriving as the pre-show consisting of our solos, duets, and trios will be on stage.  

*IMPORTANT - all dancers and families must enter through the main ticket door at the Colonial Theatre (this is not the side entrance or the double doors entrance).  Look for a single glass door.  Dancers will then proceed to the dressing area, and parents should proceed to the auditorium.  Parents, PLEASE DO NOT DROP OFF YOUR DANCER IF THEY ARE UNDER 8 TO THEIR ASSIGNED DRESSING ROOM ANY EARLIER THAN 6:45 PM.

2.  BE PREPARED!  For our recital, our older dancers take care of our younger dancers so that parents can enjoy the show in the audience.  Parents of younger dancers, in order to make this easier on our older dancers, your dancer MUST come 100% ready to perform his/her first dance.  His/Her dance bag must be free from clutter and clearly labeled so that if your dancer has more than one dance, the older dancer is able to quickly and easily get him/her changed.  

*When you arrive, the older dancer will be waiting in your assigned dressing area and personal space ready to meet you and your dancer and listen to any directions you have for them.  DO NOT leave your dancer younger than 8 with their older dancer any earlier than 6:45 PM. 

3.  Younger dancers will remain in the dressing area until the conclusion of the recital.  There are adults in the dressing area to keep the children safe and together while their older dancer is on stage.  DO NOT come pick your child up early unless we call for you.  There is very limited space backstage, and we run a very tight show.

4.  DO immediately come pick your dancer up at the conclusion of the recital.  They will be waiting backstage with their older dancer.  All dancers should be picked up no later than 10 minutes after the conclusion of the last number.

5.  OLDER DANCERS....DO NOT BE LATE!  Find your area and the paper that will list your own name and the names of the littles you are in charge of and wait there for them.  Be at that paper no later than 6:40.  DO NOT BE LATE.  Do not leave that area.  Make sure you listen nicely to each parent.  NEVER LEAVE A CHILD WITHOUT TELLING THE VOLUNTEER PARENT IN CHARGE OF YOUR AREA.  Immediately come back to your littles each time you are finished performing.  Wait with them in your area to be picked up.  Make sure you are getting their belongings back in their bag after they perform.  If you get stressed, tell your backstage runners (backstage runners are Mackenzie Brown, Addie Johnson, and Samantha Knox).  They will tell me, and I can slow down the show.  DO NOT WAIT TO TELL THEM IF YOU ARE STRESSED.  TELL THEM SOON AND CALMLY.

The following is the list of what team and older dancer has what team and younger dancer.  Older dancers, please memorize the names of your younger dancers.  Parents, please make sure your younger dancer knows the name of his/her older dancer. 

Platinum – Little Performers 3/4AM & PM & Little Performers 4/5

Samantha – Jossalyn Westlund (AM), Hannah S (AM), Hannah B (AM)

Mckenna – Skylee Vadnais (AM), Oakley Reich (AM), Sariah (AM)

Sharee – Scarlett (PM), Lexi (PM), Lyla (PM), Abby (PM)

Alma – Adalee (PM), Blakely (PM), Jillian (PM)

Shai – Lexi (PM), Rowyn (PM), Ava (PM)

Shelby – Brooklyn (PM), Maddie (PM), Zenaida (PM)

ShaeLei – Chloe (PM), Tessley (PM), Lylah (PM), Grace (PM)

Mya – Cameron (PM), Destiny (PM), Emma (PM), Sofia (PM)



Diamonds – Little Gems and Little Pearls

Maddie – Jaylee J (LG), Lexie (LG), Anea (LP), Keeli (LP)

Larissa – Payton (LP), Addy (LP), Brooklyn (LP), Ashley (LP)

Mackenzie – Kambree (LG), Jaycee (LG)

Ashli – Kenadie (LG), Emma (LG), Kambrie (LG)

Lily – Jaylee L (LG), Shawntae (LG)

Shaelyn – Taylor (LG), Addy (LG)

Stephanie – Kayla (LG), Shaylee (LG)



Sapphires – Mini Gold, Tap Insanity only dancer

Madison A – McKinlee (MG)

Mady P – Emma (MG)

Isabelle – Addison (MG)

Jessie – Kaylie (MG)

Remi – Kaitlin (MG)

Ryann – Chy (MG)

Marina – Hayley (MG), Lilly (T)

Ciara – Maraina (MG)



Gold – Rubies

Maddy – MaKenzie, Savannah

Madison – Taylin, Addy

Adelyn – Ellie, Kambria

Haileigh – Kirra, Kenna

Bella – Anna, Makaya



Luke – Clash - Logan, Michael, Kolten, Cameron, Zaden, Danie, Titanium - Anthony Morales, Dynamite - Cedar Herrmann & Daniel Gomez



Emeralds, Aubrey Flores, Shaina Bertram, Teagan Martin, Angeles Gomez – on own


Can't wait for this culminating event for the wonderful season we have had!  I am so proud of everyone, and our entire staff cannot wait to see everyone dance these amazing routines one last time!

Eagle Rock Dance Solos, Duets, and Trios – 5:30 PM 

1. Mya Benson – “Made of Stone” 

2. Addy Stucki – “Friend Like Me” 

3. Kaitlin Popwell – “The Drift” 

4. Shaelyn Lowe – “Walking Blind” 

5. Shai Pahis – “Milk & Cookies 

6. Olivia Berrett – “Find Me” 

7. Kambria Humpherys & Taylin Lake – “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 

8. Isabelle Hurley – “Nightingale” 

9. Payton Popwell – “Little Me” 

10. Madison Popwell – “Too Darn Hot” 

11. Addison Saxton – “Don’t Wait” 

12. Anthony Morales – “Jump Around” 

13. Kenna Williams – “Celebration” 

14. Shelby Popwell – “Sights” 

15. MacKenzie Catlin – “Hypnotic” 

16. Jessica Ragan – “The Days” 

17. Chy Sorter & Maraina Saldana – “Bend & Snap” 

18. Hayley Hartner – “Irreplaceable” 

19. Adyson Jordan – “Mambo Italiano” 

20. Emilie Brewster & Kylee Jones – “Twist My Arm” 

21. Kirra McCarty – “Meet Me at the Roxy” 

22. Kaylie DeLeon – “Winter” 

23. Alma Alvarez, McKenna Marinus, Samantha Davis – Hold Me Down 

24. Bella Davis - “Flickr” 

Eagle Rock Dance Teams and Selected Solos/Duets – 7:00pm 

Presentation of Staff and Seniors and Cancer Awareness 

1. Tap Madnezz – “Send Me on my Way” 

2. Emma Klipfel & Kaylie DeLeon – “Forever Young” 

3. Rubies – “Terrible Things” 

4. Little Performers 3-4 AM - “Itsy Bitsy Spider 

5. Emeralds – “Buenos Aires” 

6. Maddy Martin – “Que Sera” 

7. Sapphires – “A Hundred Hearts” 

8. Mini Gold – “Little Bird” 

9. Little Performers 3-4 PM – “Three Little Birds” 

10. Little Pearls – “Survivor” 

11. Titanium – “Dollhouse” 

12. Luke Phillips – “Until We Go Down” 

13. Diamonds – “You Should Know” 

14. Little Gems – “Big Time” 

15. Little Performers 4-5 PM – “Sophisticated Baby” 

16. Dynamite “Dessert” 

17. Platinum - “Danger” 

18. Clash – “Shell Shocked” 

19. Gold – “All the Kings Horses” 

20. Sharee Morse – “Beautifully Unfinished” 

21. Tap Insanity – “Doctor Doctor” 

22. Little Performers 3-4 AM – “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” 

23. Platinum – “Wash” 

24. Junior Line – “Make This Leap” 

25. McKinlee Beard – “Dracula” 

26. Little Performers 3-4 PM – “Spread a Little Love” 

27. Samantha Davis – “Time Flies” 

28. Little Gems – “Love Life” 

29. Rubies – “You’ll be in my Heart” 

30. Emeralds – “Mountain & the Sea” 

31. Sapphires – “Nutbush City Limits” 

32. Diamonds – “Hold Me Down” 

33. Min Gold – “Lion” 

34. Teen Line – “America” 

35. Little Pearls – “I Won’t Give Up” 

36. Little Performers 4-5 PM – “New York, New York” 

37. Kryptonite – “Manolo” 

38. Mini Line – “Shine on your Shoes” 

39. Gold – “Once Upon a Time” 

40. Platinum – “Strong”

Eagle Rock Dance INTENSive!!

Call 206-0428 to register today!! Open to all dancers regardless of studio!! You won't want to miss this AMAZING opportunity!!